Helen Pritchard

Performance conference
and opening of the exhibition
Live Capital: a Spirit Rally

Helen Pritchard is an artist and researcher who makes transdisciplinary projects. Central to her work are ideas of co-research, co-production and co-operation. Her work often takes the form of collaborative events, videos, performance, texts and radio work. Her projects explore ideas of individual and collective agency within systems. For Sonic Peripheries Helen will present a new work Live Capital: a Spirit Rally. The works form part of her ongoing research in the relationships between a common language and natural, human & social collective capital.

Spirit Rally 1 is a polyphonic sound installation made in collaboration with Plymouth Storm, Plymouth’s Cheerleading squad. In a world of irreducible messiness, complexity and open-ended multiplicity, Spirit Rally invites the audience to consider the organisation of the human body as ‘living capital’ and our civic accountability.

Spirit Rally 2 is a distributed performance event. One by one silent cheerleaders fill the gallery with cheer and respond to a set of instructions. Based upon emerging models of crowd-sourcing, the event aims to explore how we might share a common sonic language in order to facilitate individual thinking to a collective social level.

In 2010 Helen was the project curator for Performance Market in collaboration with Plymouth Arts Centre, Marina Abramović Foundation and The Live Arts Development Agency. In 2009 Helen launched the project Drawing Exercises on SoundArt Radio which was recently broadcast on the RADIA network and was artist in residence as part of Project Club at Spacex. In 2008 she was the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation bursary (for excellence in visual art) to attend the Digital Arts Residency at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Florida USA. Helen has shown work internationally including Transmodern Festival Baltimore, (USA), Teak (Fin), UKS Oslo, (N), RKS Stavanger (N), Spacex (UK), Conical Gallery (Aus), ACA Florida, (USA) and National Review of Live Art (UK).