Howard Sandroff

Chant de Femmes

Christian Pedro Vasquez Miranda [Flutist]

Howard Sandroff’s works have been performed, recorded and broadcast throughout the world and at numerous contemporary music festivals including New Music America, the Aspen Music Festival, New Music Chicago, the International Computer Music Conference, the International Society of Electronic Arts, the Smithsonian Institution, and Vermont New Music Ensemble, among others. As a sound artist, Sandroff specializes in live performance of computer/electronic music and has realized, programmed or performed works by Alvin Lucier, Edwin London, Robert Lombardo, Steve Reich, Morton Subotnik, Pierre Boulez and others. He is currently a member of the faculty of Columbia College Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics and Senior Lecturer in Music at The University of Chicago. This program is sponsored in part by a grant from Columbia College.